My pumpkin!

My blog has been on serious topics so far, but I thought I’d just add this one in as something a little lighter. I don’t do hallowe’en but the staff put on a pumpkin carving evening and I decided to join in. I didn’t want to do the typical face design, so I thought I’d do something a little different; a Rufus! I love doing crafty type things and I love things that are challenging, but I can find it quite difficult to manage my OCD around creativity because of the need for perfectionism. I took quite a long time to finish it and the rest of them were taking the mickey out of me, I think the member of staff was losing the will to live actually..! I had to stop myself after several hours because the more intricate it became, the more fragile it became and the easier it was to lose a piece that was very important! I had to balance the need for perfection with the need for it to stay in one piece, and avoid losing my sanity and screaming in utter frustration! Is it perfect, no. Am I kinda pleased with it, yeah I am – and that doesn’t happen very often!

My pumpkin!

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